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Hospice Is Our Specialty

Treating hospice care patients and their families with the respect,
dignity and loving care they deserve!

With Halo Hospice, hospice care is our specialty.   We have been providing exceptional care to our friends, neighbors, and surrounding communities for over 18 years.  Hospice care is a way of caring for those with a life-limiting illness and is not at a specific facility or location.   Hospice services may be provided in a person’s home, a nursing home, an assisted living center, a hospital or an independent living facility.  Choosing hospice care can bring with it several questions and feelings.  Many people are, in fact, unsure about what receiving hospice care means.  Hospice is a healthcare benefit that focuses on easing any physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort a person may experience after receiving a life-limiting health diagnosis.   

For some, hospice care comes at the recommendation of a healthcare professional.  For others, the choice is made when life-extending medical treatments become more of a burden than a benefit.  When these situations occur, it is never too early to start discussion on the benefit of hospice and to make the decision for hospice care.  In fact, the earlier hospice becomes involved, the more benefit is realized by the individuals and families.

In all cases, patients that receive hospice services provided by Halo Hospice are treated with the respect, dignity and loving care they deserve. 

Hospice care and benefits are also covered by Medicare at no cost to the patient, as well as being covered by most insurance companies.